"*~FAQs for Trademark, Domain Name, Package and Company Name~*"

Trademark Search Practices and Fees 

  For proceeding a simple search in one class, our regular service fees will be generally NT$3,000~6,000 excluding official fees and possible analysis.  For performing the necessary searches and providing the opinion, our service fees and official fees will be generally NT$2,000 per 1 hour and NT$10 per 1 page respectively.  The estimate of the cost involved will be around NT$6,000 which will be slightly increased with the number of searched classes. Further, for such search, the estimate time will be around 1~3 work days.

  Since whether the marks are ¡§similar¡¨ will be judged on the basis of their appearance, pronunciation and meanings, we always carry out the searches with the separate English letters, Chinese characters and design of the mark device.  As an example, if a full trademark search for the mark ¡§Natren¡¨ is completed, the result will also include naturally the similar words involving several identical English letters to the mark ¡§Natren¡¨, such as ¡§Nutren¡¨, ¡§Nature¡¨, ¡§Notren¡¨¡K and so on.    

  Further, it will be necessary to search the logo apart from the word portion of the mark. 


Hong Kong Trademark Filing Practices and Fees

  For filing a single Hong Kong trademark application, our service and official fees will be generally NT$18,000 and 6,000 respectively for the first class application, and NT$7,500 and 6,000 respectively per class from the second class.  In addition, the disbursement will generally be around NT$3,000.  If the above-mentioned estimate is acceptable, this firm will use our affiliated Hong Kong associate as per your further instructions.  Alternatively, if you want us to recommend a direct Hong Kong associate, please let us know.

  After filing, there exists any possible response costing from NT$12,000 to 25,000 each time.  The issue fee will be around NT$10,000.  In addition, the disbursement will generally be around NT$2,000.


Macau Trademark Filing Practices and Fees

  Multi-class is not acceptable.  The required documents for filing an application up to the registrations are:
      - Name, nationality and address of applicant.
      - Nature of business of the applicant (industrial, commercial or other).
      - Copy of the mark (in color if claimed together with the relevant description).
      - Photo-print (dimensions of a maximum 6cms x 6cms and a minimum 1.5cms x 1.5cms).
      - Class and specification of products or services (as classified under the Nice Agreement).
      - Priority right ¡V country, date and number of presentation (the priority document can be submitted three months
        from the date of application).
      - Power of Attorney (standard form attached) must be notarized.  The notary must certify that the signatory is
        entitled to do so.


PRC Trademark Filing Practices and Fees   

  Our service fee will generally be NT$20,000 excluding the disbursement and official fee(s).  In addition, official fee(s) will be generally NT$4,500 for a single application under 10 items of the designated goods.  The official fees will be NT$450 based on the number (10up) of the designated goods/services respectively.  In addition, the disbursement will generally be around NT$3,000.

  According to the trademark practice and Trademark Law in P.R. China, goods categorized in different classes must be subjected to different applications even though they are to be protected by the same trademark.  That is, a separate filing is required for one class and no multiple class applications can be filed at the present stage.

  If the Client entrusts this firm to file the application at the same time in Taiwan and PR China, we would like to offer additional 10% discount for our service fees.


PRC Collective Trademark Filing Practices and Fees

  It will be necessary for us to submit the notarized and executed evidence document clarifying the Applicant is a certain business or industrial organization rather than a company or business together with the rules/articles of the organization including the purpose of the used collective trademark, the particulars of the members, i.e. names, addresses, representative and so on; quality requirements of the designated goods used with the collective trademark; use requirements/procedures of the collective trademark; rights, duty/obligations and rules of the collective members; and the test/supervision system the registrant will manage the person using the collective mark.  Further, it will be necessary for us to submit the list of the collective members together with the trademark.  If the organization has not filed and obtained the registration of the collective mark, its mark will not be protected there.