"*~FAQs for Patent~*"


  Taiwan does not adopt or require the foreign filing license system.  Specifically, the applicant can file a US utility application without obtainment of a foreign filing license from Taiwan Intellectual Property Office, even if the sole Taiwan inventor resides in Taiwan.

  According to the patent practice here, the applicants are always encouraged (but it is not compulsory) to submit search reports and/or their relevant references of the corresponding foreign application(s) when available.  It will be appropriate, however, to submit them only subject to the requirements of the Examiner.

  A patent application shall be published after the applicant has paid the issue fee and first annuity within three months after served with the office action granting the patent, and shall not be published if payments are not duly effected with the patent right deemed inexistent ab initio.

  The annuity is calculated from the ˇ§publication dateˇ¨ on which the patent/design is issued on the Patent Gazette.

  It normally needs within two weeks to obtain the full file wrappers for an application, which is made available only after we receive the notice from the IPO for reviewing and copying the file.